Wedding with more cosiness and freedom

Learn more about the mini wedding and celebrate your wedding with more warmth and freedom, far away from the formalities of traditional marriage.

Mini wedding is a charming alternative to celebrate the wedding in a very particular format, without the need to follow certain traditional protocols and, at the same time, creating a more intimate occasion and really with the personality of the bride and groom and their guests.

In mini wedding, creativity has no limits and the couple has more freedom to choose and dare. Weddings with a theme and characters – Knights of the Zodiac, Star War, Romeo and Juliet – are just a few examples of how it is possible to make this day so special into something very specific, fun and remarkable.

By choosing the mini wedding, the bride and groom can invest even more in details. And it is these, in fact, that make the difference! As the number of guests ends up being smaller if compared to a traditional wedding, it is much easier to provide some items – message tree for the bride and groom, coffee table and sweets, souvenirs for the end of the event, among others.

The reduction in the number of guests also provides a better choice of location, avoiding the traditional saloons. The country or beach house of a family member or close friend can be perfect to mark the union of the couple and receive the guests with total coziness.

Bride’s entrance

In a traditional wedding, the bride’s entrance to the church is, without a doubt, the most awaited part of the whole ceremony – she has that cold “that” in her belly, the expectation of seeing the dress, the impatient groom at the altar…

In mini wedding the bride’s entrance, or rather, the groom’s entrance can also be unforgettable. The bride and groom can arrive together holding hands – happy and totally relaxed. Or even arrive at the ceremony riding bikes in retro style. If you love motorcycles this is the perfect opportunity to surprise the guests!

History of the couple

In the mini wedding it is possible to tell and share the couple’s story with the guests. Photos hanging on poles, fixed on a beautiful wall or on picture frames, personal objects – even when they were children – can be highlighted on sideboards and tables. Another alternative is to make a panel with cards fixing tickets and messages exchanged between the couple in the dating and engagement phase.


In mini wedding, the bride and groom have more freedom in choosing the look. The bride’s dress can be simpler, without losing elegance and sophistication. During the party, the bride can even change it for something much more comfortable and that has more to do with her style – basic, stripped, colored, heavy metal, among others.

The groom can dare in the color of the suit and, if he prefers, dispense with the tie without any embarrassment. On the feet, how about a nice pair of shoes? In mini wedding, this is allowed! The groom’s more relaxed look also reflects on the guests’ clothes, meaning more comfort and practicality for everyone, besides less expenses with the purchase of suits and party dresses.

Eating & Drinking

In the mini wedding you can serve a brunch – a mix of breakfast and lunch – with mini sandwiches, cheeses, cakes, fruits, breads and salty pies. Another option is to make a cocktail with “finger food” full of small delights – mini sandwiches, roasted or fried snacks, barquets and mini wraps.

At lunch or dinner, the foods can be the most varied and you can include regional dishes and even family recipes. A delicious barbecue – much more informal – can give way to the traditional dinner full of rules of etiquette and formalities.

If the wedding is on a hot day, how about serving ice cream as dessert? Success will be guaranteed! How about hiring a professional to prepare the drinks and cocktails for the party? Free style bartenders prepare more elaborate drinks and make performances for the entertainment of the guests, such as magic and presentation with fire (pyrofagia).

Many reasons can influence the choice for the mini wedding, but the biggest reason for the bride and groom to choose this type of ceremony to mark the most important day of their lives has to do with the feeling of being really among friends, in a very close way, without formalities, similar to family lunches, with total freedom and coziness, sharing countless stories and many laughs.