Wedding Party

When we talk about wedding planning, we all tend to believe that, despite the large amount of items involved, with a little organization and schedules everything will work out. This thinking is not wrong, but the thing gets a little more complex when we try to keep the organization and the focus on the schedule amidst the rush of our daily activities.

We have to pay attention to everything that is handled with suppliers so as not to fall into traps and end up getting stressed and/or getting bogged down in debt.

Tips for your perfect planning

Tip 1: Search websites and blogs about wedding parties

If you’re reading this post right now it’s because you care about our first tip! Searching and being inspired by wedding blogs is essential so that you already have in mind everything you want for your big day. Some posts at first may seem cliché, but they always bring important tips for the organization and definition of your wedding.

There are so many details, suppliers and procedures that nobody is free to end up forgetting something. So, keep reading and researching throughout the whole period of organizing your wedding party.

Tip 2: Get a wedding party checklist

Having a check list that guides you from the beginning of the preparations until the big day is fundamental so that everything goes well and nothing is forgotten. As the months go by, you execute the goals and ensure that everything is on track until the day of the wedding party.

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Tip 3: Make a spreadsheet of wedding party expenses

Control of spending is an indispensable part of organizing your wedding party without getting into debt. The budget available for your wedding must be one of the first things to be determined, and it is important that everything is hired so as to consume only 80% of it. Believe me, bride, there are always some unforeseen events throughout the process, so reserve 20% of your total budget for emergencies.

The discipline in updating the spending spreadsheet is essential to be aware of everything that has already been spent and what is still missing until the end of hiring.

Tip 4: Plan your guest list carefully

We know that you and your fiancé have many friends, and possibly large families, but the number of guests needs to be defined at the beginning of the planning process and maintained over the months. It is not worth making a wedding bigger than your budget to be able to invite people who barely participated in your story.

Cutting back on some people can create discomfort (read ‘DR’), but it is essential that it be done early on. Practically everything at a wedding is sized according to the number of guests, so the larger your list, the higher the final value of your wedding.

Have a spreadsheet with the names that will appear on the invitations, number of guests, who is the guest (bride or groom) and establish a priority scale, which will serve to create a ‘ranking’ and facilitate the time of cuts. Try to be objective, because it is better to leave that cousin missing from the wedding party than to start a life for two with debts to pay.

Tip 5: Take some precautions with the list of gifts

A boring attitude, but very important for planning a wedding, is the analysis of the contract of stores and websites where you want to put your wedding list.

Always clear up your doubts about exchange policy, administration fee of the list, freight charge for delivery of gifts and percentage of payment for withdrawal of the value of gifts, instead of products.Stay on the inside of the store policy and look for possible complaints of other couples on the Internet about the services provided by the company.

Tip 6: Attention when hiring the suppliers of your wedding party

Many brides and grooms, in order to save money, end up hiring suppliers that they find on the internet or in big fairs, and that offer prices far below the market or tempting discounts. Always be suspicious and avoid acting on impulse. It is not rare the cases of fiancés who have taken fake suppliers’ caps, who do not keep their promises or do not appear at the wedding.

Try a recommendation with your friends, or search the suppliers you found on the Internet. Recommendations or complaints from brides already attended by them can help you get rid of pierced.

We know how difficult it is to have access to suppliers in our region via the Internet, or even the opinion of brides already served by them. That’s why we are preparing a real revolution in the way of searching for the ideal suppliers – about which we will tell you more soon! – and you will be fundamental in building this dream to help brides!

Tip 7: Read all budgets and contracts

Always read all the clauses of the contracts you sign. It seems obvious, but amidst the euphoria of having found the ideal supplier this attitude may end up being forgotten.

Pay attention to all the items that are included in the budget, those that will be the responsibility of the grooms, and to the values of extra payments such as ‘in case of breakage or loss the amount charged for the item will be.

Tip 8: Select animated music for the wedding party

Include your fiancé in this mission which is to choose the playlist to rock your wedding party. If the goal is not to leave anyone sitting, bet on popular music for all ages, from your grandparents to children! Vary the musical style throughout the party to make the track dynamic. Certainly the DJ you’ve hired will take care of that, since these are professionals used to feeling the intensity of the track, but it’s important that you guide him on what you would or would not like him to play during the party.