Wedding Ideas

After the emotion of the marriage proposal, it is very interesting for the couple to plan a surprise to tell the decision. For this, it is good to choose a day to talk calmly and decide how to communicate the wedding to the closest people.

After all, marriage represents the union of two families and the beginning of a new life for the couple, being fundamental to consider the style of family members and grooms to find the best way to make the announcement. More traditional families may find a formal request from the groom to the bride’s father good, for example. But, what is most expected is consideration and delicacy to include the important people for the couple in this stage so happy!

Regardless of each one’s style, the ideal is to hold on to the anxiety and desire to tell everyone at once, creating an opportunity to gather the dearest people for a specially planned moment. Thinking of helping you in this mission, we gathered 9 ideas to announce marriage in an unusual and interesting way! Check it out and find the one that suits you the most!

Discover different ways to advertise your wedding

There are several ways to announce the wedding, but before deciding, you must choose who of your family and friends will receive the news. One suggestion is that parents be the first to be communicated of the union, followed by the other relatives and closest friends. Afterwards, the news will spread naturally and without needing any great formalities.

Decisions made, the ideal is to communicate the news as a couple to each of the chosen people. In this way, misunderstandings, confusion and misunderstandings will be avoided.

For the official announcement you can follow some suggestions, like:

1. Dinner with parents

It is possible to make a more formal communication, offering a dinner for the in-laws at the bride’s house and taking advantage of the occasion for the groom to ask her to marry his father. In this case, it is interesting that everyone knows that there will be a “revelation” at the dinner, making the night more interesting.

In this way, both families will be communicated at the same time and will be able to take advantage of the situation to celebrate. However, many couples wish to abandon this formality. For the more “detached” it is that space arises for original surprises.

2. Surprise

One suggestion is to decorate the house in the absence of the parents with a theme related to marriage. To do this, try to order some well-weds and a sparkling wine for the toast, showing and containing the novelty as soon as they arrive at the house!

3. Sunday Lunch

More lively and united families meet often at Sunday lunches, for example. Thus, they provide the bride and groom with the perfect situation for the wedding announcement! Choose a time when everyone is gathered for a good meal and spread the word.

4. Save the printed date

If you want something more elaborate, you can print some save the date invitations and distribute them to family members! Surely the unusual ogesto will yield very pleasant moments.

5. Save the date in WhatsApp

Modern couples can send the save the date via WhatsApp to the consecrated family group, and thus watch the reactions via emoticons.

6. Personalized gift

It is already a tradition in the universe of marriage to give the best men and women a special treat. This gift can be given at the delivery of invitations and / or when inviting them to this role of prominence at the wedding.

For the gift at the moment of communication it is very charming to choose a representative item, such as a crystal glass symbolizing the toast and small notes with affectionate messages or with the question: “Do you want to be our best man or godmother?

7. Visit

Even with gift options, there may not be enough time to produce this cuddle or the desire to count is stronger. In these cases, the bride and groom can book a coffee or a visit to each of the sponsors to offer the invitation.

The recommended thing here is just to take care that the announcement and the invitation are made personally, sharing the intimacy at the moment.

8. Meeting

Couples who enjoy socializing have an excellent opportunity to gather friends and celebrate. You can organize a barbecue, a casual meeting at home or even a happy hour at the bar. The most important thing is that it is fun and remarkable!

9. Social networks

If there are a lot of friends and it is always a great difficulty to reconcile agendas or schedule meetings, a good tip is to advertise on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. The commotion will yield the most varied comments and good wishes. This buzz will certainly be worth it and will bring good laughs.

Innovate with creative invitations

Now that we have suggested several ways to announce wedding, it is cool to keep giving special attention to details and try to innovate with creative wedding invitations. The market is full of options for the most varied tastes and styles, just choose which has more to do with the personality of the couple and the proposal of the party.

Modern couples can innovate by sending invitations in bladder, video or in a format that imitates movie tickets. All these are original models that are making a lot of success nowadays. Comic strips and/or caricatures and chalkboard style models have also made the head of many couples who want to innovate.

However, the more formal couples don’t need to stay out of the news! The options are numerous, such as: floral models with lace applications for elegant invitations, laser cut for delineated finishing or some models with metal key, padlock or heart shaped finish, giving a classic and romantic tone.

If the wedding is to take place on the beach (a trend lately), the invitation can follow the idea and come with more natural items, such as jute simulating the fishing net, shells and even a texture of sand in high relief. As you’ve already noticed, the sky is the limit for creative wedding invitation options!