How to make a wedding budget

Marriage is one of the most important decisions in a couple’s life, because it is in it that we choose with whom we want to unite and live with it for the rest of our lives, to form a family, share achievements and difficulties. Many brides dream about the moment of the party, but for this dream to come true the first step is to define the marriage budget together with the groom.

With this in mind, we have developed this content to help the couple who wants to get married and make a beautiful party to elaborate a wedding budget, with the main tips for you to have a successful party without getting in debt. Be sure to check it out!

Define what is a priority for the couple

This is the first step to define the wedding budget: define what the groom’s and bride’s priorities are. Most of the time, the budget is not unlimited, so the priorities should be listed before making any purchase or commitment related to the wedding.

What we need to keep in mind when deciding whether to have a party or not is that the party is not the only one that generates costs. Besides the party, we have the house and the honeymoon, many times the couple needs to furnish the new house, and so on.

After keeping this in mind, think about the attributes you would like the party to have, do the job of ordering together which item would be the most priority.

Items of a wedding party:

  • decoration, flowers;
  • wedding clothing: dress and suit;
  • buffet: food, drink and sweets;
  • space of the event;
  • ceremony: which can be at the church or at the event itself;
  • structure: cleaning, security, waiters, generators;
  • dj, sound;
  • live music (band);
  • musicians of the ceremony;
  • celebrant: the person who will make the blessings;
  • Ceremonialists: the team in charge of making sure that everything goes well at the party;
  • decorative furniture, among others.

During this phase, the couple has the opportunity to learn how to plan and prioritize together, and this ability should be perfected throughout the marriage.

Guest list

This item is essential for the wedding budget, as it directly influences the price of the party. The number of guests is what defines the size of the place to be rented (usually the larger the place, the more expensive the rent) and the value of the buffet, which charges per number of guests.

Without at least an estimate of the number of guests, it is not possible to budget the buffet, which is one of the most important items of the wedding. When composing the list of guests, first list all those you would like to call for the wedding and the family members who can not miss.

After finishing the first list, prioritize the people who really are part of the couple’s history, and will make the difference in this special moment.

In some cases, the family of one of the bride and groom is so extensive that it would weigh heavily on the budget to call all the distant relatives. It is then up to the couple to define if it is really necessary to call everyone.

Budget limit

Now that you know who to call and what the party’s priorities are, it’s time to set the budget limit. To do this, you have to think: how much money do we have available to get married, adding all the other plans that we prioritize in the short term (like home, travel or some other accomplishment)?

Another important question is: until now, how much money can we accumulate to invest in marriage? Note that this answer is directly linked to the definition of the wedding date.

The answers to these two questions will define how to plan the wedding from a financial point of view. Some grooms can count on the financial help of their parents, so talk to them to know if they can help with any amount.

Kind of party

There are a multitude of ways to hold the wedding celebration. Below we have some suggestions, but in practice, it is possible to have an infinity of ideas, beyond the suggestions, since who defines everything is the taste of the couple.

  • Wedding in the countryside / beach: choosing a beautiful place is a great idea.
  • Thematic: have you ever thought about a circus wedding or a gypsy party? Depending on how the couple met or even their affinities, it can be a great option;
  • Mini wedding: it’s a smaller wedding size, which usually does not exceed 100 people.
  • At home: near the mini wedding, there is also the option to throw a party and get married at home.
  • Destination wedding: this is the mode where the bride and groom take their guests to travel with them, usually to a paradisiacal place.

Another important item is the wedding schedule:

  • Wedding by day: it is an option for those who want a more peaceful party, with the presence of family and loved ones.
  • Night / Party: it is the most common option for those who like to amend the ceremony in a disco, where guests feel at ease to dance.

How much does it cost to get married?

The answer will vary according to what the couple has defined as necessary to perform the ceremony. That’s why we strongly recommend having a spreadsheet to control budgets and spending.

It is also important to remember that it is not only the party that makes the wedding. It is essential to guarantee the wedding budget in order not to get into debt during this time but also to have enough money for the couple’s housing and also for the honeymoon trip (Yes, you deserve to rest after planning the wedding!).