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Weddings can be of countless styles and in different locations – outdoors in the countryside, on the beach or in a classic party room in the city. Regardless of the couple’s preferences, it is natural that most weddings require many items to be provided and, of course, a budget that often exceeds the couple’s financial possibilities.

To make a wedding unforgettable without spending too much, it is possible, however, to opt for some more economical alternatives in terms of invitations, decoration, wedding dress, guest list and dinner.

Super tips to make a romantic and economic wedding, without giving up the beauty and pleasure of receiving your guests well!


Invitations are one of the special items of every wedding. Charming, delicate and elegant, the invitations announce the union of the couple and enchant the guests. The options of invitations are numerous and so are the values. The choice of style depends on the couple’s preferences. From the most classic to the most irreverent, the invitations express the bride and groom’s joy in receiving family and friends for the great day of their lives.

To save money at the wedding, an alternative is to make the invitations at home, in a handmade way. With a little manual skill and some creativity, the wedding invitations can be handmade and personalized according to the couple’s choices. On the Internet, there are numerous templates and tutorials explaining how to make them step by step, in a very simple and practical way.


A good tip to save on the wedding, but without giving up the beauty and romantic atmosphere of the wedding is to invest in a decoration with flowers of the season.

Wedding Dress

Every bride dreams of an unforgettable wedding, full of details capable of beautifying the ceremony and surprising the guests.

Besides the decoration and all the items of a wedding, the wedding dress is, without a doubt, one of the most important. Seeing the bride entering the church, of course, is the most awaited moment by all. And which bride does not want to be the most beautiful of all? However, because of budget restrictions, it is not always possible to buy an exclusive dress. The idea, then, is to choose the rent. When renting a dress, the bride can wear something gorgeous, but with the advantage of spending a little less on this item.

Other alternatives to save on the bride’s dress is to buy it on websites in China, have it made in a specialized dressmaker or even wear the dress that was your mother’s.

Guest List

It is natural that the bride and groom want to celebrate this unique moment with the largest number of people. However, the larger the list of guests, the proportionally higher will be the expenses with the wedding.

The most sensible idea, then, for those who want to make a romantic and at the same time economical wedding, is to limit the number of guests to the really closest and most important people. The ceremony will thus be more intimate and, making everything even more special for the bride and groom and guests.


For many grooms providing a delicious dinner to their guests is simply fundamental. But eating well does not exactly mean investing in sophisticated foods or imported beverages. It is possible, therefore, to offer an unforgettable dinner, with good options of dishes, without having to spend a lot.

The first step basically involves knowing the number of guests and, as mentioned before, keeping a certain common sense so as not to exaggerate the amount of people. Then, choose the items on the menu reconciling the satisfaction that the dish will provide the guests versus its cost. It is worth remembering that some options are more economical, such as chickens and pasta.